For Honor and Family,….

Castille is best defined by its traditions. Some are the product of Vaticine influence but others go even further back to the last days of the Numian Empire. Interactions with the Cresent Empire taught the early Castillians about the importance of knowledge and the benefit of an educated populace. Even the Vaticine Church, despite declaring further advances in science to be heretical, encourages people to learn to read and write, to better understand the work of Theus.

This nation is currently on the defending side of a war with Montaigne, their southern neighbor. This war like many has some elements of religion involved with it but for the most part it occured because the Montaigne Emeror wants to extend his reach and power and was smart enough not to attack the Vodacce Princes on his eastern border. The Montaigne armies currently hold major cities in the southern half of Castille. There is a great deal of tension in contested areas but doubly so in the areas of occupation; the Montaigne commanders decadence tend to make them distainful of the common Castillians that inhabit the cities they have taken. This level of distain has made it possible for some freedomfighting movements to emerge.

One such group is built around a roguish vigillante that goes by the name El Vago. Little is know about this masked man, but the people, who have little love for either the oppressive arm of the Vaticine Church or the vile Montaigne invaiders, quietly support him.

Though it is thought to be completely stamped out by the Vaticine church and a few other Secret Societies, Castillian nobal bloodlines are potentially connected to the terrible sorcery call, El Fuego Aldentro. The ruling family of Castille prior to the current king, Good King Sandoval, had the power to manipulate fire. A small holy war turned witch hunt destroyed most of that family.

Reasons to be apart of this nation, one might have:

  • a deep love of family.
  • No boundries between Family and Personal Honor.
  • to be Vaticine or quiet about your beliefs.
  • been educated in fine “Public” schools.
  • ties to some of the best swordsman school in Theah
  • access to the the Sorcerous Blood line of “El Fuego Aldentro”

“Nationality or Non”


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