Cobbler or Clergy

When you think about who your character is, it is often easier to start out with what he does. In this seccion you are going to need to make a lot of choices. (I hope you have that scratch paper going.) Here you will be asked to focus on your charaters raw abilities as well as all the skills that they have earned to this point in their lives. We’ll take this one step at a time.

Bloodline Benifits

One of the first and biggest steps in creating a charater is to decide if they have magical ability or access to other powerful gifts. In Theah magic is tied to certain powerful bloodlines, each tied to a separate Nation. When reading through the “Nationality or Non” section you were given a general descriptuion of the Sorceries to which each Nation has access. If any of them sparked your interest you can look into them here. If not then just skip past these choices and go to the next step.

These are extremely powerful and in most cases rare abilities to possess. As such they are very expensive options. (NOTE! Almost without exception all of these options are things that must be purchaced at character creation and cannot be gained during game play.)

Full Blooded Sorcery : 40 HP
Half-Blooded Sorcery : 20 HP
Twice-Blooded Sorcery :40 HP

Dracheneisen (Eisen characters only) – Armor and weapons made of an almost unbreakable material.
Full Nobility : 40 HP
Minor Nobility : 20 HP
Petty Nobility : 10 HP

Shamanism – These are abilities that manifest in various parts of Theah that are not tide to a specific blood line. They are still tied to a Nation due to the traditions associated with those nations.
Astrologer (Vendel only) : 10 HP
Druid (Avalon only) : 20 HP
Sympathetic Healer (Vesten only) : 20 HP

Matial Schools of Theah

With very few exceptions any character may learn any Combat School, regarless of nationality, at character creation. When writing up your character there are quite a few good ways to explain why a character from Castille is trained in the Valroux school of Montaigne. (Despite the war between the two countries and the distain the two cultures generally have for eachother.)After Character creation though you will need to work out the connections in game to gain access to that training.

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Cobbler or Clergy

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