"Nationality or Non"

Regardless of your answer to the man, your first real choice is to figure out to which Nation or Nations you owe fealty or at least heritage. The significance of your choice will be both technical and flavorful. The Nation you choose as your characters origin will open up some possibilities and make others either harder to achieve or impossible. Though this is not a complete list of the Nations that inhabit Theah, this is the list that we will be using for this beginning campaign. (“Don’t worry, you’ll be introduced to the others in due time.”)


Once you have an idea of where your character came from based on the information gained in he above summaries, head back and continue on with your dinner companion.

Note: Some of the descriptions are directly taken from the sourcebooks for the 7th Sea world. This is somewhat necesary becasue the writters of those books did such an amazing job in describing their world; the other part is a desire to not have players bogged down by the amazing amount of reading required to get a full understanding of each Nation. (Not wanting to have people wondering why they can’t use certain character options is completely incidental,… really.)

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"Nationality or Non"

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