Though you may be familiar with roleplaying, and have some experience creating and developing character in other systems, 7th Sea is a little bit different.

For now I will give you an over view of what a character might look like and define a few of the terms that you will become familiar with as we progress. The areas we will be talking about are Nationality, Traits, Advantages, Backgrounds, Arcana, Skills, and Knacks. This may seem like a large list, but as we go it will make more sense and seem less imposing.

At the end of each seccion we’ll begin to create a charater by making choices from the lists and spending points on the different choices. This should show you the process of using 100 Hero Points (HP) to create a Hero and possibly give you some ideas for your own along the way.

This really is as simple as it sounds. This choice represents which nation of Theah your character is from. Thankfully, Theah was created as a Reflection of Europe. This means that you do not have to read through new material to understand what a character from a certain nation would be like.

The Nations that a player can choose from to create a caracter are:

  • Avalon (Avalon, Highland Marches, Insmore. England, Scotland, Ireland – respectively.)
  • Castille (Spain)
  • Eisen (Germany)
  • Montaigne (France)
  • Ussura (Russia)
  • Vendel (Holland) / Vestenmannaynjar (Norway)
  • Vodacce (Italy)

The choice of a Natioality does not cost you any HP. This choice can make other options cost less and allow access to some that are restricted. Your choice will also give you a bonus to one of your Traits. This trait will usually represents a strength of that Nationality in terms of herritage, custom, or some physical traint common in that nation.

For this example, our hero will be from Avalon. (Part of the reason for this choice is a bit of preknowledge of the options availible to this Nation. You’ll see why as we go.)


Traits are an expression of all that your character is innately capable of, (Without Advantages), both physically and Mentally. Some systems use far more complicated and involved assessments of these qualities in an attemt to instill a sense of realism. That is not the point of 7th Sea. For the most part everything in this game is simplified down so that you don’t have to keep track of vast amounts of information to tell your stories.

There are 5 traits associated with each character:

  • Brawn – Sheer strength. This value adds to your rolled dice for damage and is rolled to see if an injury is " just a Flesh Wound " or a Dramatic Wound.
  • Finesse – Physical agility, dexterity, balance, and hand-eye coordination are all determined by your characters Finesse. Most physical skills that are not brawn based will use this, like attack rolls and swinging between ships.
  • Wits – Intelligence, quick thinking, and perception are all rolled up in this one. Wits are used in most Civil Skills, your Active defense rolls, and perceptiion checks. Used to Charm via the Repartee System.
  • Resolve – This is a combination of your physical resillience and your determination. This stat defines how many Dramatic Wounds a character can take before being crippled or knocked out. In cases where you are drawing on sheer force of will to accomplish a task, you may also be required to use this trait in place of the usually one for an active skill check. Determines the number of Dramatic Wounds you can take before being Crippled or Knocked Out. Used to Intimidate via the Repartee System.
  • Panache – Panache is that certain something about your charater that defines them. Very few checks will require you to roll your Panache. The main exceptions are well worth noting. You roll your Panache to determine your Initiative and also in the Repartee System to Taunt people.

Each Character starts out with 1 point in four of these traits and 1 trait with 2 points. This extra point is gained from your choice of Nationality. To gain further points you will need to start spending Hero Points to raise them. As you can tell from the descriptions above Traits are very important when determining your characters ability to accomplish various activities. For most starting characters it is recomended that you get all your starting Traits to at least 2 with one or two at 3 to represent greater than average ability in some way. This means that it is reasonable to spend 48 Hero Points just on Trait. This amount is supposed to show you the value of raising traits. They are expensive but very worth the investment.

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