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The World of 7th Sea is a place for high fantasy and adventure. Think of a story that takes place on the high seas, on the cobbled streets of a city in the shadow of an oppressive power, trailing through the webs of intrigue at court, or hacking its way through a swarming jungle on its way to Ruins and hopefully riches; all of these places exist in the World of Theah.

To navigate this world, and to allow you to define your place in it, you will need to create a character using a “build point” system. This means that you are given a certain number of points and a list of character options to choose from. Where you spend your points will help to flesh out your character and give it a place in this world. For the purposes of balance, certain character options are very expensive, while others are less so.

The Build point systm for 7th Sea allows for you to start out with 100 Hero points to build your character. Please get a piece of paper or a note document started to keep track of what you invest points in as we go. By the end of this story you should have a good idea of who your character is and what they can do.

Normally you are given free reign to customize and optimize your character in any way you please. However for the purposes of this campaign and the experience level of the players involved I am going to take a slightly more restrictive approach. Please do not be worried that your character concept will be ruined by tyrannical restrictions. That is not going to happen. There are only a few areas of character creation that I would like a minimum number of points in to help keep all the characters at about the same potency. (Point Buy character creation can make for some vastly different characters. Depending on the number of points you spend in any given area you may find that your character will have an easier or harder time navigating the challenges of the world around it. You’ll see what I mean as we go forward.)

Please continue on the main page and stop off at each of the other pages as you go. Each will give you a few choices that should be made as you progress through the story. By the time you reach the end you should be ship shape and have a solid idea of why they are on-board.

I look forward to meeting the newest member of our crew,…

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