The Blade

The Blade is the story. It is the stage on which all the drama of any epic adventure plays out. The forces of good run along one edge while evil advances along the other. There are infinite shades of gray in between and all along the sides of this same blade to fill out the world and make it whole. No matter What you goal in life is or what path you choose to get you there, the highlights of your story will always be where it interacts with other forces. The most potent nexus of any story is at the very tip, where all factions and ideologies collide. Good and Evil, Self Sacrifice and Self Interest, Personal Glory and National Pride are just a few of the angles that you can choose to define and play out.

The Blade is Drawn. Join me in a Journey to the Pinnacle of Steel.

Two Edges, Same Blade.

jonathan00 Feelitmon