As was previously pointed out in the Nations section. Dracheneisen is the only real armor that is still viable against all the advances that weaponry have gone through. Forging techniques and development of firearms have made it so that normal steel armor is just not worth the effort to make let alone wear.

An Order of Craftsmen among the Eisen, the Nibelung, have found a way to treat raw Dracheneisen and make it into nearly unbreakable arms and armor. The reason that this is listed among the sorceries, is that it is a truely powerful advantage that is reserved for only one nations. In current history only a person from Eisen may have Dracheneisen and the Nibelung are very thourogh in keeping it that way.

Dracheneisen is also a mark of a families nobility in Eisen. That is why the advantages are labled as being Full, Minor, or Petty Nobility. This represents that amount of Drakeneisen your Family has entrusted to it by their Eisenfurst. Not all eisen with Dracheneisen are nobility but you should probably have a fairly good story about how you got it. Most Dreacheneisen equipment is tied to noble houses or gifted by an Eisenfurst for great servise. However, the Eisen are practitioners of the, “You keep what you kill.”, tradition. This means that if you kill a person wearing dracheneisen, honorably, his gear is yours by right. Just keep in mind that if they had any reletives, they may come to get it back.

First thing to know: Armor Points
The number of Armor points you have determine, both, how much harder you are to hit and how much less damage you take from a mundain source of damage.

(These bonuses are cumulative.)
1-6 points = -1 on attackers Kept damage dice
7-12 points = +5 TN to be hit
13-18 points = -1 on attackers kept dice
19-24 points = +5 TN to be hit
-The TN bonus cannot be negated, but by making called shots opponents can bypass the Damage reduction.

Each Advantage offers you a pool of points with which to buy Dracheneisen.
Full Nobility = 16 points
Minor Nobility = 6 points
Petty Nobility = 3 points

Item Cost Effect
Arm Guard 2 2 Armor Points (may be purchased twice)
Boots 2 1 Armor Point (May be purchased twice)
Breastplate 6 6 Armor points
Buckler 4 1k1 buckler, +1k0 with Buckler knacks
Gauntlet 2 2 Armor points
Helmet 3 3 Armor points
Leg Guard 2 2 Armor Points (Can be Purchaced twice.)
Panzerhand 6 3 Armor Points, +1k0 with P-hand Knacks (Mods below)
Crossbow 4 +20 yr. range, – 5 on opponents TN
Knife 2 1k2 knife, +1k0 with kife knacks
Fencing Weapon 3 2k2 Feancing Weap., +1k0 with Fencing Knacks
Heavy Weapon 4 3k2 Heavy Weap., +1k0 with Heavy Weapon Knacks
Musket 7 +20 yr. range, – 5 opponents TN
Pistol 5 +20 yr. range, – 5 opponents TN
Polearm 5 3k2 Polearm, +1k0 Polarme Knacks
Zweihander 7 3k3 Zweihander, +1k0 with Zweihander Knacks

The Panzerhand is a guantlet that is unique to Eisen. This piece of Armor is used as a weapon as much as it is armor. There is an entire combat school built around that idea of using it to bind and disarm your opponents. The modification of a Panzerhand do not actually change the amount of Dracheneisen used to make it but they can massively alter its utility. (That is why these modification are purchaced with Hero Points.)

  • Built in Pistol-(5)HP— First successful Unarmed hit in a round also fires pistol (4+Brawn k3 damage)
  • Locking Grip—(3)HP—When Bind/Disarm Knack used successfully, Locks shut.(a key and 3 actions required to open)
  • Mounted Crossbow—(4)HP—Small, 1k3 Crossbow
  • Spikes————-(2)HP— Damage of Hand is 2k2 instead of 2k1
  • Weighted Knuckles—(1)HP-Damage of hand is 2k2, but the hand is fused into a fist.

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